Nestled in the Cascades and right around the corner from a spectacular view of Mt. St. Helens, lies our hidden gem known as Old Man Pass. While many locals and visitors alike think of Old Man Pass as a summer destination, it has tons of winter recreation opportunities as well!

Located in the heart of Skamania County, it happens to be the closest sno-park to Stevenson (about a 45-minute drive from Stevenson). This area is close to the Indian Heaven Wilderness, which is packed with remote lakes, high mountain elevation views and wild flowers in the summer. 

In the winter, Oldman Pass Sno Park has 25 miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails that are both groomed/marked and ungroomed/marked. There is also a sledding hill for family fun! This sno park does not have any snowmobile trails, but there are snowmobile trails nearby!

Old Man Pass Skamania County, Washington

A Glimpse into Nature’s Majesty…and Sasquatch

As you drive the windy, quiet roads to Old Man’s Pass, prepare to be awe-struck by the sheer magnificence of the landscape. Towering evergreen trees, crisp mountain air, and the gentle melody of streams accompany you on the drive to the summit. 

Summer hiking trails meander through the wilderness and meadows, making them perfect cross-country trails in the winter. And in the summer, the outdoor options are endless and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife such as deer, elk, and perhaps even the elusive black bear.

There have been numerous claims of Sasquatch himself roaming around Old Man Pass!  

Unraveling the Legends

Like many places in the Pacific Northwest, Old Man Pass is steeped in folklore and legend, and not just about Sasquatch! Local tales speak of a solitary figure known as the “Old Man,” who once traversed these rugged mountains with unparalleled wisdom and resilience. Some say he was a hermit seeking solitude, while others believe he was a guardian spirit watching over the land.

As you journey deeper into the area around Old Man Pass, you may find yourself pondering the stories of the Old Man, observing signs of Sasquatch or blazing new cross-country trails.   

Where to Stay

Not only is Skamania County home to Sasquatch, but we’re also home to amazing places to stay! Whether you’d like a Backwoods Cabin, a treehouse, or a renovated boutique hotel, we’ve got them all! Find a relaxing place to stay here!   

Art Bliss Hotel, Stevenson, Washington
If you visit Old Man Pass in the summertime, there are multiple campgrounds just minutes away including Paradise Creek, Panther Creek and Lewis River Falls. 

Come Visit

Skamania County, Washington is the perfect base camp when you come out to explore the Gorge! With world-class sno parks, award-winning breweries and exquisite local fare, there are endless things to do once you arrive! 🙂 Staying in the Gorge HQ means you’re only minutes from hikes, wineries, waterfalls, scenic drives, sno parks, fishing, golfing and SO MUCH MORE! Book your trip to Gorge HQ now!